This blog was originally designed to keep me sane as I began learning Arabic. It morphed into a blog of musings about Arabic, the Middle East, and the Islamic World, as well as book reviews about those topics. Then, the blog became a place to keep my family and friends updated on my adventures while I was living abroad. During May and June of 2012, I had a 6-week long internship in Cairo, Egypt through a international student organization called AIESEC. I taught English at the Awladi Orphanage in Cairo, home to several hundred children. I lived in an apartment in Nasr City before moving to Maadi (each is a distinct area of Cairo). I experienced President Mursi's election, camped in the western desert, rode camels by the pyramids, and had countless other experiences. I have since moved past this blog, on towards new endeavors, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AIESEC (part IV)

I'm waiting... still waiting.
Haven't heard back from the guy at Awlady.
I wish he would hurry up. I need to buy my ticket within the next week or so, otherwise prices are going to go through the roof. Currently, flying St. Louis to Cairo during the middle of the week looks like it should cost about $1,300 or so. Dis is a lot of monies!
I e-mailed the guy yesterday, sending him my acceptance note and asking for confirmation on the dates.

I'm getting paranoid that my planning is going to all fall through, and I'll end up sitting at home all summer.

However, I know that I'm just being impatient.
So let the wait begin...

P.S. Is it weird that I think old middle eastern cities like Cairo, ones with sandy, taupe-colored buildings, are appealing? I like natural, neutral colors, things that aren't terribly bold or shocking. To me, the buildings in the picture above look like they have risen up out of the ground.

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