This blog was originally designed to keep me sane as I began learning Arabic. It morphed into a blog of musings about Arabic, the Middle East, and the Islamic World, as well as book reviews about those topics. Then, the blog became a place to keep my family and friends updated on my adventures while I was living abroad. During May and June of 2012, I had a 6-week long internship in Cairo, Egypt through a international student organization called AIESEC. I taught English at the Awladi Orphanage in Cairo, home to several hundred children. I lived in an apartment in Nasr City before moving to Maadi (each is a distinct area of Cairo). I experienced President Mursi's election, camped in the western desert, rode camels by the pyramids, and had countless other experiences. I have since moved past this blog, on towards new endeavors, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Enjoy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

AIESEC (part V) - Awlady!

I will officially be working at the Awlady Orphanage in Cairo this summer!!!
So happy to have that all figured out.
I got an e-mail yesterday about it. It was perfect timing, because mom is here for mother's weekend and we were going to go out shopping for Egypt stuff.
I made a list and checked it twice, trying to make sure that I would have everything to keep me cute and comfortable in the heat but covered in respect of the culture.

My essentials for Egypt:
-Straw hat
-long skirts
-light, long-sleeved t-shirts
-sturdy, cute sandals 
-a bag sling that will hold my camera, plus other essentials during the day
-sunscreen (obviously)
These pictures were my inspiration!


  1. Hi,

    Oh my gosh, I am doing the same thing, shopping for clothes that are appropriate for the Middle East. I am not a skirt person ... :-(

    1. Well, I'll be taking a couple pairs of loose cargo pants as well as my skirts! My pants roll up a bit if need be. I wore some with sandals, a scarf, and a tunic top while I was in Israel a couple years ago, and they were perfect! (Much nicer to wear than the jeans I took along). Obviously, shorts would be ideal for the weather, but you'll attract the wrong sort of attention by wearing shorts. Good luck shopping and have fun on your trip! :)