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Monday, April 23, 2012

AIESEC (part VI)

Oh, the drama continues..

So I got a message back yesterday from the guy in charge of the Awlady thing. He told me a couple of days ago that things are "perfect! no problem." Yesterday, he told me that there are things missing from my acceptance note: my signature and the dates that I will be working.

Which... is true. Those things were not on there. However, (a) I did not fill that sheet out, my manager did and (b) how was I supposed to know?

He acted irritated about it and said, "your manager should have told you to take care of this."

So I'm like.. okay. I scanned in the updated, signed document and sent it out late last night.
I really hope to hear back from him today.

I need to buy plane tickets! Like, tomorrow!

The other wrench thrown into this situation was that he told me "the dates we agreed on will work." Well, we didn't agree on any! I told him that I'd ideally like to work for Awlady sometime between May 15th and June 29th. This is more than 6 weeks though... so when I sent him back my note, I wrote that I will be there from May 16th to June 27th (exactly 6 weeks).

My plan now is to leave on the 14th of May, get to Cairo on the 15th, and start work the 16th.
Then, I'll end work the 27th of June and be home by the 28th.
(I'll lose a day going there and gain a day coming back)

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