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Friday, March 16, 2012

How to remember feminine versus masculine conjugations.

Just took my oral exam in Arabic yesterday!
That's always the hardest part of the semester.. memorizing paragraphs and getting graded on conjugation and pronunciation is bad enough, but then he decides to ask us questions. So I had to have a conversation with him in Arabic, trying to think as quickly as possible. 
I did alright, as well as I could have hoped for, at least! 
Unfortunately, for awhile, I had a habit of mixing up the feminine and masculine forms of verbs. One starts with a ي and the other with a ت. I mixed them up until I realized that the feminine has dots on top (like a woman) and the masculine has dots hanging below (like a man). It's a bit crude, but you won't ever forget which way they go!


  1. bahahaha, i am NEVER going to forget this now!

    1. hahahahah I'm so glad you saw this! So awesome, right? I don't even know how it popped in my head, but I'll never mix them up again.

  2. Hey just wondering if you would be able to translate the phrase "God will give me justice" into arabic for me?