This blog was originally designed to keep me sane as I began learning Arabic. It morphed into a blog of musings about Arabic, the Middle East, and the Islamic World, as well as book reviews about those topics. Then, the blog became a place to keep my family and friends updated on my adventures while I was living abroad. During May and June of 2012, I had a 6-week long internship in Cairo, Egypt through a international student organization called AIESEC. I taught English at the Awladi Orphanage in Cairo, home to several hundred children. I lived in an apartment in Nasr City before moving to Maadi (each is a distinct area of Cairo). I experienced President Mursi's election, camped in the western desert, rode camels by the pyramids, and had countless other experiences. I have since moved past this blog, on towards new endeavors, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Preparations!

-My friend's AIESEC stuff should (hopefully) be complete today! I'm really, really hoping she can come! She's going to be working at Awladi with me, and I'm hoping we can end up rooming together/ near each other.
-Speaking of rooming, I got an e-mail from AUC AIESEC asking about my flight arrival time/terminal/flight number. I can't believe this is all finally happening! They also asked for my rooming preferences. I'll be living in an apartment, so I requested female roommates. It'll be fun to live with people from around the world! 
-On the incoming AUC AIESEC page, there are people from China, Poland, Romania, France, Czech Republic, Singapore, and India, among other places. They will all be in Egypt during different times, but I will meet many of them!
-I'm finishing up my last Typhoid pill today. Hopefully this one is better than #2 and #3. I'm ready for these to be done. Especially since I have two more finals to go this week. 
-OH! and my mom found a website where you can unlock you Blackberry for $7.95. We paid and they sent me a code to unlock it! Way, way easier than driving to St. Louis to pay someone to do it for $50.
The website can be found here. It's totally legitimate, and I'm still in shock that it worked! She found the link on a National Geographic Travel tip website, and it will give codes for many different phones.

Update: AHHHHH! My travel partner finally got her stuff to go through! Apparently, the guy who was handling her stuff resigned and didn't tell anyone at the AUC AIESEC office about her. I hooked her in through my  guy, and things are rolling again :) She's flying out on Monday too! Excitement, excitement. However, let this be a warning: if you are doing AIESEC, MAKE SURE that you have someone else to contact just in case something happens. If it seems like it's going nowhere, it probably is.


  1. The pic on the top of this post and one that you have under your blog archive are from Spain and I've been to that place! It's so gorgeous! Were you there?

    1. I WISH I had taken that photo! It looks amazing! Where in Spain is that from? All of the pictures I have uploaded so far have been from the internet. I hope to use only my photos once I'm there!

  2. It's from la Alhambra in Granada. You definitely need to go there one day :)